February 8, 2009

Everything Heart Shaped - An online shopping guide for Valentine's Day

It's been celebrations after celebrations. Just one more day to the end of the Lunar New Year and we are now 7 days away from Valentine's Day.

We won't be surprised if you have not bought or planned anything for your other half.

The team finds out what is being sold on the internet which could be possible ideas for your last minute buys:

For Her,

D'squared heart-shaped coin pouch, Comme des garcon's PLAY eau de toilette, puma limited edition heart-shaped sneakers

"Love Kills Slowly" ~ Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy Love merchandise series

Over at Collette, you could actually find a good mix of products, from lifestyle to fashion to jewellery. Some items include the useless-looking yet oh-so-sweet "I-Love-You" toast stamp, Talking mouse that says "I Love You" each time you click, and the non-conventional heart-shaped poker cards.

Ballerines from Sergio Rossi and Marc Jacob S/S Cruise Collection 2009

Classic Tiffany & CO. locket if you're both prosaical.

For Him,

We absolutely love the Naxos series from Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2009 Menswear Collection. The palette is slightly mutated, yet sophisticated for the stylish men. Naxos is an island in Greece that offers superb fine sand beaches, fertile valleys and mountainous beauty; one of the best holiday destinations among the Greek Islands.

Our choice? The Doctoc Bag Naxos and Cabas Naxos, both functional and excellent for travelling.

Matt and Nat also offer unqiue bags made from innovative products like plastic bottles and recycled lining. Their signature Paltrow is now going for $177, and POZ for only $18. With such a sale on their site, it's hard not to depart from your money.

If he's a true fan of Bathing Ape, you might want to consider getting this Baby Milo Valentine's Day tee-shirt that comes in Black or White.

From Oki-Ni, you can find some really dope merchandise from fashion designers like Martin Margiela, Fred Perry, and Raf simmons.

Martin Margiela sticker wallet, and Fred Perry's odd panel polo-tee.

Jil Sander 2-tone show shoes

For quirky design merchandise, you can try shopping at US site, Designboom.

Old School envelope wallet, USD15.00

My Document Laptop bag, USD 42.00

Can't get enough of Ed Hardy? Check out their embroidered hooded Camou leather jackets for men:

If all else fails,

There's always the credulous fancy cupcakes, which are totally customisable and good to look at.


We recommend cupcakes.sg (price on request) and cupcake-dreamy (SGD 60.00 for 20 Premium cupcakes).

Have fun shopping!


julie said...

love all of bakerella work! she rocks! but for reference the heart cupcake and teddy bear cupcake on top of bakerella's candy box cake are my photo's http://www.flickr.com/photos/25650446@N03/3212017075/in/set-72157614186671791/
http://www.flickr.com/photos/25650446@N03/3213549405/in/set-72157614186671791/ please credit or remove :)

styledamsel said...

Hi Julie,

Much apologies, we accidently left that out. We've credited the pictures to you, so sorry about that.
On a different note, we love the cupcakes that you do. They're as as amazing as bakerella's!
Thanks for sharing your photos :)

julie said...

oh no worries! thanks so much! cute blog by the way :)