November 1, 2008

Style Damsel - Fashion Designer: Christian Audigier

There are definitely styles that required some sort of acquired taste to be fully appreciated by the discerning men.
Not everyone can be as lucky (or as known) as Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel) or Matthew Williamson. Some designers could just make a whole bunch of fans adore them yet unknowingly create a team of haters on the exact same collection; the kind you either love to bits or hate to the core, never on-the-fence.

One such is Christian Audigier.
I remember one time, I was looking for a trucker cap and I received the worst-ever disgusted-looking faces the moment I mentioned the brand name. Not sure if that has anything to do with our Asian Heritage, because if not worn well we can easily be mistaken for a Yakuza, or a Singaporean version of an Ah-Beng/Lian (Often known for their terrible fashion sense and mannerism).
Truth is, there's this unexplained attraction I acquired over the years for Audigier's cacophonic print collages of tattooed skulls, roses, geishas, koi, and his "own photo", with trademark finishing touches of girly rhinestones and gold foil prints of bold statements.
One, not many here can agree with me.
Like it or not, Audigier is much well-received among hollywood stars like paris hilton and miley cirus. The designer announced that the official opening of yet another Ed Hardy store in Housten at the Galleria Mall will be on 8 November.
With brands like Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, SMET, Crystal Rock, Evel Knievel, and Rock Fabulous, this French designer is definitely going places (with or without the singaporean fans).

You can get your hands on Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier merchandise in Singapore from Skin Couture and Ed Hardy shops.
But we recommend Revolve Clothing for a wider array and of course 24-hour (and cheaper - we think) shopping experience for the busy busy busy busy fashionistas reading this entry.

And yes, of course I've gotten my red rhinestone trucker cap.

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