November 20, 2008

Gucci does UNICEF

If there's one thing to applaud Frida Giannini (post-Tom Ford days) for, it has got to be the latest white Tattoo Heart Collection.
An effort to support children affected by HIV/AIDS in sub - Saharan Africa, this is a meaningful campaign run (in it's fourth year) between Gucci and UNICEF.

For once, we unanimously thought that the GG label wasn't ugly. (We can't be too sure that Rihanna didn't play a part in our decision).

Rihanna - Ad Campaign

Frida and Rihanna

This exclusive collection will be sold in over 20 countries worldwide from November 19, 2008 to January 31, 2009. Gucci will donate 25 percent of sales to UNICEF's lifesaving programs.
We must say that this looks like the perfect Christmas gift this season!

Watch for Ad Campaign with Rihanna:

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