March 11, 2008

Men's Cult Fashion


We support cult brands from all over the whole.

Yet ironically,
fakes these days look even better than the authentic ones!

Today a friend was asking,
"Hey Style Damsel, where can I get this:



(Zip up to be baby milo or baby batman)

Cool isn't it? But our immediate reaction was, "Hmmm, are those 'Real'?"

We remember bape having a series of "not-so-pleasing" looking hoodies with mutated panda images. Since when was there sewn-on characters on their usual printed hoodies?

Authentic Bathing Ape

Anyway, so we went on to justify that those are fake (though, there is still no concrete evidence).

In any case if you are interested in getting, we've found a site for you to place your orders (but strangely, they are not cheap)

They even have them in dress form:


Still, we shall never advocate piracy. The post is here just for information purposes. Have a Happy Tuesday!