June 30, 2008

Vivienne Westwood collaborates with Melissa shoes

Remember those oh-so cute and yummy jelly shoes from Melissa?

Style Damsel, Melissa

Ultra girl, Campana heel,Campana Zig-Zag, Campana heel, Scarfun gumboot

In recent years, the Brazilian brand has been collaborating with well-known designers like Zaha Hadid (architect), Campana Brothers (materials guru), and Judy Blame (fashion/jewellery).

SD, Melissa, Westwood
Melissa 2008 Anglomania Collection

The new 2008 collection from Melissa boast of an impressive Anglomania-inspired collaboration with punk legend, Vivienne Westwood. In this collection, Westwood's classic leather Mary Jane from her winter 2000 collection 'Summertime' has been reborn into Melissa's signature use of plastic.

Style Damsel, Westwood
Ultra girl and Mary Jane

Melissa's ultra girl mary janes under the Anglomania Collection comes in floc (with a tartan inner) or gloss (with a floral inner)

Ultra girl - Anglomania style

So update your shoe closet and shop from your own Melissa's here today!

Image source from www.melissaaustralia.com.au


Anonymous said...

love vivienne's kitty heels!

bring them in to NOVO PLS!


styledamsel said...

Hi Champ,

We've already wrote in to rsh to see if they are intending to bring those lovely shoes to Singapore.

Even if they're not, you can always purchase online from melissa's website.

~Style Damsel