June 26, 2008

Beauty: Dove Grey Nails

Just when you thought Dove grey nails are so over,
you're wrong!

According to our Style Damsel, the whiter shade of gunmetal lacquer from 2007, continues to be the "IT" color to be spotted over your keratin!

SD grey nails

From Left: Rescue beauty lounge: Concrete Jungle, Essie : Great expectation, Carolyn: Hangin on the Stoop (Pale Gray), O.P.I: Moon Over Mumbai

It all started when successful Indian brand, OPI, unveiled "Moon over Mumbai" for their Spring 2008 palette.

Before you squirm over the thought of having that dull, boring, eeeky-looking hue over your well-maintained (we hope) nails, we thought you should take a look at this:

SD grey nails

Isn't the unstated grey a perfect mix of class and style?

Even celebrity style mistress, Gwen Stefani, is rumoured to be in love with Barry M's Matte grey nail polish!

If you are unsure if this hue suits your skin tone, you might want to try using OPI's online studio to "test on" these lacquer (You can find Moon Over Mumbai under their "India" collection):

SD Grey Nails

So remember to update your lacquer and have tonnes of fun!