July 8, 2008

Style Damsel doing the Karen Cheng

Over the weekend the Style Damsel Crew was pleasantly greeted by a lovely couple from down-under.

What was supposed to be a birthday present for the newly 30-year old famous blogger, turned out to be a beautiful gathering of fashion, media, and charitable people from all around Singapore.

A feat only
attainable by Karen Cheng.

The petite mother of two, was here with husband, Andrew, to host the "Doing the Karen Cheng" event last Saturday over at Indochine.

Style Damsel
Karen and Andrew "doing the Karen Cheng"

Not only was it a great way to meet fellow bloggers like Kennysia (who was seen "very hungry"), and Stephie and Dottie from Fashion Nation, but all proceeds collected from the event went to the Singapore Red Cross!

Style Damsel
There's a reason why it's called "Doing the Karen Cheng" and not "Doing the Style Damsel"
**Shall wait for Karen to e-mail us her "CLEARER" version :)**

Karen, who blogs about her life, children, fashion and shopping (which is what we loved the most), caught our attention when she first started to review "under-rated" online shopping stores, where she would carefully display attractive images of the merchandise that she liked on her blog.

We are truly grateful to the affable couple for sharing their love, joy, and "birthday present" with us!

Till we meet again ... :)

P/s: the Style Damsel is a 5-year old fan of Karen's Snippets of life (This, we were told to keep a secret! Ahh...Shhh...)