March 7, 2009

Stylista - Devil wears prada becomes reality


From the same creators and producers of Project runway and ANTM,

Stylista is the latest edition (since last october) of fashion-related reality tv show by CW.
The 8-weeks long series feature 11 aspiring trendsetters vying for the coveted position in Elle magazine.

How else can we see Anne Slowey "upclose", and rekindle our love for Meryl Steep in Devils wear Prada?

So what was the first task for the "assistance" you asked?
Getting breakfast and Anne's daily dose of coffee, with style.

Rapper Eve poses for Elle cover in Stylista's finale challenge

So why are we racking this up only now if the panel from ELLE has already crowned its winner?
That's because they are finally airing Stylista on Channel [V] , Starhub Cable Channel 85 this month.