May 20, 2008

Sex And The City - Timmy Woods Bags

Like all SATC fans,

We can't wait for the movie to be out!

Remember that scene where Carrie Bradshaw unconsciously opened up what looked like a classic lacquered telephone at the stairways, to unveil a magnificent bag that could instantaneously make any girlfriend jealous?

Style Damsel
The Marilyn Phone, Named after Marilyn Monroe, by Timmy Woods

Well, bag designer, Timmy Woods, will have another work-of-art featured in the Sex And The City movie. Aptly called, The Effiel Tower Bag (with Crystals), this delicate ensemble is brilliantly embellished with 6,300 Swarovski Crystals - (no wonder it cost USD3,000)!

Style Damsel

Style Damsel

Before you jump to conclusion and think that these bags are assembled from metal hands and conveyor belts in China, bags from Timmy Woods are authentically handmade, like in Style Damsel, and every different designs have their individual molds carved out from woodblocks. We sure understand the dedication and amount of sweat put into each finished product!

Here are Style Damsel's Top 6 Picks:

Style Damsel

Banana Split, Fire hydrant , Pink Hotel with Crystals

Twin Kittys, Debbie Doxie, Lucious Pink Lips

Timmy Woods not only offer these one-of-a-kind handmade bags, but also other classic designs and leather products like the Bo and G1072 - A.
(Doesn't the G1072 - A reminds you of Style Damsel's Sold Out Double Weave bags?)

Style Damsel
Bo and G1072

Get those fashionable bags from Timmy Woods today!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the movie to be out too!!!

Love the bags! and Pat Field is amazing!