May 19, 2008

Bilbao Lucent - A New Found Love

Call me unfaithful,

But I am going to trade have traded my Bottega for a new found love...


Introducing the Bilbao Lucent.

From the godfather who introduced innovative technology into the fashion world, the Bilbao Lucent is made from the interesting matrimonial of geometrical metal plates and flowy black net.

The result is a durable, yet surprisingly flexible fashion statement.

Style Damsel

I certainly couldn't wait!

You can get your hands on these novelty bags from the online pleats please shop.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bags!!
I just found out that I could buy the bags at

I bought it in purple!! IRRESISATBLE!!

styledamsel said...

Hi Anonymous,

We were too spoilt for choice! We had to contemplate between the white, green and yellow! In the end we got the white ones :)

Have yours arrived yet?

Style Damsel

christina said...

Great buy! I saw this on another fashion blog as well. Very cool.

styledamsel said...

Hi Christina!

Thanks for dropping by! It's really gorgeous! We love the baseball series ones from the issey and hikaru matsumura too!
Go get one yourself from the online store if you love it too :)

Style Damsel