April 14, 2008

Purr-ses Inspired by a cat

Who would have guessed that cats can be such an inspiration when it comes to leather purses and wallets?

Jimmy (till now we haven't found much about this man behind the label - "I am missing my cat"), an obvious product designer, recently took his neighbourhood cats into the stores of big retailers here like Robinsons and BHG.

We love his quirky yet functional designs, with smart proliferating details, and embroidery work.

Autumn Coin Purse

Embroidery Series

Cat and the Veranda

Judging from the immense Mandarin characters on the undersides of the wallets, and the lack of a proper website, he could either be from China, Taiwan, of Hong Kong. (We think it's Taiwan)

Spot these lovely purr-ses near "Jane Shilton" bags in Robinsons and BHG, Singapore.
(Prices from about $99.00)


Anonymous said...


Will styledamsel do something like that for me pls?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,
We have embroidered clutches, you might want to check out.

But it will definitely be in a different style compared to Jimmy's, otherwise there will not be any exclusivity, and may end up homogeneous, like the rest - and Style Damsel respect all independent designers,we appreciate their work, so we write about them on our blog.

Thanks for your feedback, and we hope you will continue shopping with us, and checking us out!

Style Damsel

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is a Taiwanese writer who writes the famous movie: 向左走。向右走. He wrote many books and drew many illustrations. And the cat accessories are the inspiration from his book 遗失了一只猫. He has watch collections too. In limited editions. Check out: http://www.jimmyspa.com/

styledamsel said...

Hi anonymous!
Thanks for the info!
We saw that link in the wallet. Didn't know he's an illustrator though. Btw so who designs the wallets? Is it him? they are quirky-nice! WE are not so crazy about the illustrations, it's more like the execution job done in the final product.
~ Love,
Style Damsel

Anonymous said...

Is Robinson still selling Jimmy's portrait wallets? I'm living in Singapore and I'm interested in purchasing those. thanks.

styledamsel said...

Not too sure since it has been almost 3 years. We didn't see them last Christmas though. You might want to check out his site.