December 30, 2007

Fashion Is Plastic

I'm in love with Phu Chu Kang.
Well, not exactly the moley contractor guy, but those bright hot yellow boots.

Though, it's not so ubiquitous here in sunny Singapore - since our government loves to pamper us with leveled roads and proper tilings - but I still got my wellingtons from London.

Surprising, they are comfortable to be in. Soft, flexible, and best of it all...CUTE!

My wellingtons
My very own

They cost me about GBP30, that converts to about SGD87. The shop owner told me they were used for gardening, but that's just as far as it goes. I always believe personal style is yours to interpret.

Online shop Bootkidz sells really cute wellies, ranging from sizes 4-9, depending on the designs.

If online shopping ain't your cuppa, try dropping by 33 Erskine Road. Located at the ground floor, Eggthree, is a trendy lifestyle concept store founded by three partners. They were the only local people who brought in stylish wellingtons back when they were only fit for wrinkled-face gardeners.
Learn more about them at

Egg three wellingtons

Alternatively, you can visit the newly refurbished Raffles City Shopping Centre, that houses a novo fashion retail store which bring in independent labels like J.Lo, Betsey Johnsen, Francesca Biasa, etc.
(I spotted some high-end Wellingtons when I was there last week)
They have more sophisticated prints like animal-skin motifs; leopards and zebras.

Be sure to be bold & stylish!


Chu Wen said...

that is sooooooo sexy!

styledamsel said...

Thanks! are you local? not many people fancy these kind of footwear. But thanks for dropping by! Anyway I notice your blog is somewhat about fashion yah?

Anonymous said...

Hey! These plastic boots r super cute and sold at Gap for like $69!!

styledamsel said...


oh is it? wow! boots are like so so hot. did you take a pic?