January 1, 2008

Fashion's Misses of 2007

Hello 2008

Finally we've come to the end of 2007!

Give yourself a pat on the back after surviving through tonnes of natural disasters (cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh), the worst US subprime crash in recent years, Garuda plane crash in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) that killed 49 on board, Pakistan's suicide bombing that killed 115 people and Benazir Bhutto, Burmese monks staging an uprising against the military junta, lovely writers' strike in Hollywood, and paris hilton going "behind bars"...........


Aren't you glad, you live in Singapore that the only major thing that affected your life in 2007 was that "meagre" 2% increase in GST last July?

Since we've come to the end of a "smashing", hectic, and happening year, The crew at Style Damsel has decided to put together our very own misses in the fashion world of 2007.

Let's start off with the "best damn thing" launch.


Avril pink ugly

is the fugliest We've seen Avril ever.
We didn't mind her in cut up ugly socks that she passed off as gloves,
grand-dads tie worn over her overly-emo tank tops

But this fairy-godmother-got-drunk look and the decision to dip her head in pink paint is such a no-no for any Style Damsels! And putting your brother's Doc Martins with pink nettings together only belongs to the world of disparity.

Avril really fugly dress

No one really knows what marriage has done to her, not even Deryck, still, we can't stop boogying to "girlfriend".

Coined the label whore of 2007 forever,

The one-half of beckham can sometimes crop off too much fabric to appear like she works in "whores R us".

Her several attempts to look and be "classic" is often futile.

Take a hint from the "glamour women of the year awards 2007" then you will know what we mean:

Victoria Fuglam

But we were really too spoilt for choice in her "glamour hall of shame for style" that we put together other "best dressed" of hers for your utmost "eyecandy".

victoria pink fug
She in the most desirable moon dress and at Marc Jacobs fashion show.

Really even the £10,000 Barbie-pink ostrich-skin Hermes Birkin bag and Balenciagia court shoes (which NO ONE wears to the games) can help.

So what if I told you the dress cost £30,000?

The next celeb style caused alot of flying rulers and disagreements across our desks.
Some argued she looked stunning, but really, it came to a point we don't know if it's the designer's fault, her stylist fault, or if it's just her refusal to not be a fashion victim fault.

we are talking about the most-of-the-time-goddess-looking Miss Keira Knightly.

Keira in atonement

Keira in Atonement London 2

She really looks like a damsel in distress here.
No prizes for guessing that she just got out from falling off the pool.
Bad hair + bad make up + bad dress = bad multiply by three.

Someone, feed her please!

The only male species to top our list this year.
Just when we thought how wrong can men's style go, for any formal black-tie occasion like the Grammy's, we know a three-piece suit will suffice. Look stunning like Justin Timberlake in the VMAs, or charming in White like P.Diddy's style...

But our next chart topper, or should we say, toppers, choose to be different in their second skin.

ok go grammy 2007

Ahh...yes, we are talking about thread mill fanatics, Ok Go.
Clad in matching gold brocade suits to mimic their website's wallpaper was indeed the "best" publicity stunt that anyone could ever thought of!

Aren't we glad that the threadmills were left at home?

Our final and the most coveted and deserving "WORST DRESS OF 2007" goes to derryah's favourite singer and sampling artiste,

source: bellasugar.com

Imogen Heap!

disastrous coiffure, garden of daisy flowers, and japanese waxed umbrella made their utmost debut in this year's Grammy's.

When they say a picture paints a thousand words, they mean it!
Next time even if your fans decide to string a whole dress out of your favourite sunflower, please don't entertain their craziness!

SO there you have it!
Our top list of worst dress 2007, brought to your by the devoted crew of Style Damsel.

Let's just hope it won't get any worse this year!

Happy New Year to all our Fans with lots of love,

SD crew!


PamLa said...

HapPy New YeaR ahead, Style Damsel~
and yR 2007 was a Prenancy Year~

Anonymous said...

hahaha i enjoyed the post! still, i think the worst dressed award should go to Britney Spears!

styledamsel said...


happy new year pamla! oh yeah!

oooh the list could go on and on, but nevermind, we should all celebrate brilliant fashion shouldn't we? =D