December 30, 2007

Fashion Labels

Style Tape

There is something very gratifying about creating fashion labels - simple, somewhat of a chore, yet highly satisfying. This brings us one step closer to our materialization of our own brand, our own label.


Katie said...

Stumbled upon your blog. Looking cool! Starting a lable or something?
Keep it up!

Katie, USA

styledamsel said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for dropping by, keep tuning into

SD Crew

PamLa said...

any items up for sale? cant wait to purchase from u guys yah~

Anonymous said...

very nice, cant wait for some dresses to be avail for sale!

styledamsel said...

before you know it we'll have hit the (online) shelves and be sure to tell your friends of what we're made of! =D

hang on to your horses..its coming!!!