April 27, 2009

Star Awards 2009

It was "ajollyaffair" with Joanne Peh walking away with the coveted title of "Best Actress" at last night's annual Star Awards, giving the Walking Nonya Kueh no chance of commenting on her dress.

Unlike in Hong Kong or Taiwan, the tv industry here is so compact and "monopolised" that the faces you see on most programme shows have recurring hosts and actors, probably a reason why there wasn't the grandeur of any typical red carpet shows yesterday. Even if there were, it will probably be quite painful to watch, if what they wore last night were their best.

There was nothing really stunning about the outfits these celebrities were wearing, probably "best-dressed" were Quan Yi Feng in her last outfit and Joanne Peh in her first outfit (why in the world did she change?), and they got into the list just because their dresses were not informally short, like other skanks.

Host of the night, Quan Yi Feng and Guo Liang in forefront.

Best Actress and Best Actor winners

The men were all clad in classic 3-piece suit, and Chen Han Wei shone the brightest with his contrastingly piped shirt and white semi-formal shoes. There was this particular Taiwanese star, Ethan Ruan Jin Tian, who we thought really rocked the outfit in a greyish-blue suit.

Best Actor spotted with Special Award winner, Huang Biren

Over to hairstyles, thick bangs were seen all over the ladies crop, with Queen of Caldecott Hill, Fann Wong, and Hong Kong hottest star, Myoli Wu, both spotted in similar hairdos.

Belinda wins best programme host for info-ed, and worst-dressed Felicia Chin gets into top 10.

As for worst-dressed...

It has got to be Felicia Chin and Gurmit Singh (this is not a joke), it's really atrocious.

Comedians: Patricia Mok and Gurmit Singh

Images via: Mediacorp