April 26, 2009

New Urban Male, Singapore [NUMtee edition]

None of us here are fans of the shapeless crew-neck tees, which was why we really didn't understand all the rave about NUM (New Urban Male for short, a brand that advocates singlets, beach shorts, and flip flops), until we saw their Lust Supper series, containing thought-provoking words like "Fook Yew", "Suk Mi Naw Seafood", "Wan Hump Mee", and "Ji Bai Steamboat Buffet", with obvious pun-intended that only the light-hearted locals would understand.

The Lust Supper,
(Hainanese Chicken Rice and Bak Kut Teh are famous local dishes)

The brand infamous for their tanned and sporty 235 guys (sales assistance), not only prints tongue-in-cheek lines on their housebrand of NUMtees, but also make them so close-to-our-hearts with their "Ang Mo Kio", "Yishun", "Holland Village" estate party tank, that makes it hard to not take a second look.

Didn't we tell you that only the locals would get it?

Politics, arts, and lifestyle, are all being translated into wearable items, almost like the designer's way of expressing his views about our society on his cotton canvases.
Even the hit musical Avenue Q's provocative tagline like "the Internet is for Porn" cannot escape from Shenzi Chua's creative clutches.

Oh, and because of NUM (well actually Tuky Tuky), I started to own my very first pair of flip flops! The experience with one of the 235 guys was indeed amazing. He was friendly, patient and could provide some style advice (not like I really need one, but it's always good to hear what others really think, especially in my less-exposed realm of toe-exposing rubbery flip-flops).
And if you ask me, I really think that the people behind New Urban Male has done an excellent job in branding NUM in every aspect of their label.
Images via: NUM and 235 guys