January 7, 2008

Style Damsel Tips - The Empire Dress

Veritably and plausibly the most versatile dress - whether for work, leisure, or the all-time stressful Prom Night - an Empire Dress can almost never go wrong on you.

Let's begin this lesson in fashion first, with a typical empire dress.

Noticably, an empire dress, or sometimes termed as an empire waist dress, typically sits high on the waist.

A more formal and rigorous definition via About.com gives:

Definition: A type of dress or top where the waist line is raised above the natural waistline, sometimes as high as right below the bust. Best on slender-on-top or petite figures, the empire dress creates the illusion of length and camouflages a bottom-heavy figure or thick waist.

Pronunciation: om-peer

So whilst empire tubes are probably more in favor amongst the younger crowds, the fashion forward ladies should have at least 1 empire dress in their closets - after all, it is quite the timeless dress. Whether you're in your teens going for that huge Prom Night:


[Image Source] The Prom Night - When the night is always young

or in your 20's when life has truly began and you'll be meeting lots of people, or in your 30's when you've established yourself:


[Image Source] For meeting attractive members of the opposite gender.

or in your 40's looking all fine and gorgeous,


or even for your wedding dress:

- you know an empire dress will always come in handy.

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