March 6, 2010

Boracay - The Sun, The Sand, and The Sea.

Yes, I know I should keep this blog fashion-centric, but I'm right now in Boracay, Philippines, and I can't help but to share with you how lovely this island really is.

Nevermind the ardious plan ride, once you land in Caticlan Airport, you won't feel too sorry for yourselves having to sleep in the cold prayer room while waiting for a bedraggled jet to shuttle you to the terminal. Perhaps not the best clad people around, but their talent is definitely one force to be reckoned with.

Sandcastle building by the children

Tee shirt painting by the beach

Henna Tattoos

Sunset Sailing

The White Beach

The Sunset
Ok, I gotta run, more updates later!


Pru said...

Thanks for sharing... I love the sunset photos and the white beach! May I know how much do you spend on this trip - accommodation, flights, food, beach activities, shopping? :) - Fashion Clothes Shopping said...

Tee shirt painting by the beach? wow that is so cool. Wonder do they sell before they dry haha

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