December 2, 2009

Bijin Tokei - iPhone app

You will fall in love with "Bijin Tokei" when you try it.

Bijin Tokei (which loosely translate as beautiful women clock in Japanese) as its name suggests is a new iphone app that reflects time by 1,440 beautiful women.
The app automatically reloads the photographs of new women every minute. What's more, the creators promise constant updates and new images of ladies, so you will never get bored!

At JPY 350 (SGD5.50), the Bijin Tokei is a long-term keep with eye candies off the streets of Tokyo.

So as we speak, the time now is

Have fun!


Andrea Loewe said...

I love it! the designs are great!

Naked said...

That is brilliant!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a race queen version too that is pretty nice!

Fashion nut said...

deviant thinking...and I don't know what their motivation was lol -- but I like it!!