September 22, 2009

Emmy 2009 + Sydney Int'l Food Festival

Sorry we've been spending too much time on the night race and chowing down ketuput with rendang that you might have felt neglected.

So much had happened over the past few days, with the 2009 Emmy coinciding with our Muslim festival, I had no choice but to be glued to the red carpet show on E! We saw a bunch of gorgeous ladies clad in nude-white hues, some hits, and some as always, misses.

Those we love include Drew Barrymore, January Jones, and Olivia Wilde. Sorry Leighton Meester, yours was a complete miss.

Not sure if you had seen the ads for Sydney International Food Festival, you should, if you haven't already.

Food were used to form the flags of the various countries.

I can hear the engines...