July 30, 2009

For Ages 4 and Up (A Solo Exhibition by Aiman Hakim)

In his first solo exhibition, Aiman explores the ‘absurd’ notion of self-individuation, in a culture where communal ideologies still dominate. His works involve the repeated use of iconic representations of ‘a perfect man’ in different stages of his life - various Ken dolls that have been generated over the years, ranging from vintage to the very recent. A personal friend of ours, Aiman has always been in love with his oil paints and canvases. Ages 4 and up marks a milestone in Aiman's artistic vision and identifies with his perseverance for leaving the corporate world to do what he truly is passionate about - Art.
This is an invitation to all Style Damsel readers to catch the artist's interpretation of an innocent world from the eyes of a child.

From July 30, 2009 to August 8, 2009
Location: Utterly Art, 229A South Bridge Road Level 2, Singapore