June 24, 2009

Oxford Scholars Go Naked

From the top-shelf? A group of female bookworms use some literary classics to protect their modesty in the library

A group of daredevil scholars agreed to pose for a saucy naked calendar to raise money for poverty-stricken third world countries.

They are pictured doing what they do best: poring over books, hanging out at the library, champagne-guzzling and punting on the river, naked.

Their antics have caused something of a stir with their straight-laced tutors, since all the scenes were shot in Oxford's most famous historic locations.

One provocative image, for July, shows three female students punting nude along the river Cherwell, in plain view of the University halls.

Orchestral manoeuvres that should be in the dark: Members of the orchestra make sweet music together

Notice the red in every black and white monochrome image?

Via: dailymail