June 1, 2009

Lady Gaga is coming to Singapore!

Let's have some fun this beat is sick,
Miss Gaga is coming with her disco stick!

Mark your calendars popular people,
We have a date this 14 June.

Yes Lady Gaga is coming to Singapore for an exclusive showcase.
*brushes the wig from last halloween*


I will hold you in my spell. said...

Is she gonna have a concert?

Anonymous said...

Where do u reckon i can get the tix?

BEAR said...

Err, she's really coming?
Where and how to see her? :O

Anonymous said...

i want to go ! but how?
tell me !!

Anonymous said...

anyone selling lady gaga tickets for 14th june please email me at tanxinyi_1991_@hotmail.com.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

ong aby one wana see me their tix preesh preesh email me at stuart210@gmail.com

devilmamax3 said...

how u konw lady gaga is comeing to singapore i no see at tv wan yy ?? -.-" i wan see oso no $$ ^^

Tripz said...

Where is the place? N how much is the tickets?

styledamsel said...

Hi everyone,

There is no way to buy the tickets, you need to enter Singtel Amped's contest to win the tickets as written here:


She will be performing at The Dome @ Merchant Loop on 14 June 09. It will not be a full concert, just a showcase, but given her pop princess status, it sure is going to be quite a blast.

Good Luck you guys! :)

Lady Gaga Tickets said...

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