August 5, 2008

SD: Great Deals @ - ONE DAY ONLY!

For those who have been eyeing on the envelope clutches from Style Damsel and waiting for a GREAT SALE, now you can buy them off from at 34% discount!!

That's S$39.00, instead of the original retail price of S$59.00!

Simply register and login to, and you will be directed to "Today's Deal". You can select from Flower Power One, Flower Power Two, or Flower Power Three to enjoy this great offer for a limited time only.


And because this is such a GREAT DEAL, You are limited to 3 items per day per account.

All deals will end at 11.59 pm, so you will not get to purchase previous day's deal, SO DO NOT HESITATE, if you really love our envelope clutch wallet.

SD clutch zuunbo

Click "I want it!"

Just "Confirm Checkout" and, WALA!

This great offer, however, is only applicable to Singapore, for international orders, kindly shop via

Purchases with are made with VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal. do not except cash, cheques and family heirlooms.

Grab these lovely designers envelope clutches at great prices today (only TODAY)!

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