August 4, 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008 - Fashion Edition

Probably the largest Asia music soiree ever, the MTV Asia Awards 2008 was held yesterday at Genting, Malaysia.

Hosted by the multi-lingual Hong Kong celebrity, Karen Mok, the event saw many Asian and International artistes like, Nicholas Teo (Malasyia), Stefanie Sun (Singapore), Yovie & Nuno (Indonesia), Show Lo (Taiwan), OneRepublic (USA), Leona Lewis (UK), The Script (Ireland), and many more.

Oh, did we mention, our latest obsession, JabbaWockeeZ, was there too?

America's best dance crew, JabbaWockeeZ

Black-and-White ensemble from the Pussy Cat Dolls

Sweet-face Karen Mok was clad in a textured cream dress that was classic and elegant.

Apart from telling you how
ugly-looking the golden M bar was, The Style Damsel Crew has round up the best and worst dress female and male artistes of this annual event, and here is our final take:

1) BEST DRESS FEMALE: Stefanie Sun

To start off, we really loved the olive-colored dress our national pride, Stefanie Sun, wore (even though the performance she had with Electrico was very painful to watch).

Military-style dress worn by Stefanie Sun

Winner of Best Singapore Artiste

The carefully ruched and crinkled dress was not only stylish, it gave Stefanie Sun a very feminine yet edgy look.


Leo Ku's was probably the only one that stood out from the crowd with his full-cream suit ensemble. His almost bow-like contrasting black cravat was an impressive effort from the Hong Kong singer.

Again, that gold bar looks hideous...


In a place where good fashion is not highly-esteemed, mass-production prevails, and counterfeit of branded labels are wasn't too difficult to figure out where this ???celebrity??? is from.

(not sure if the fans behind are mocking at her or what...)

We are not interested to know her name, but we believed that she beat Leona Lewis (who wore a chiffon dress that revealed her bra straps in a very distasteful manner) to WIN this title.

4) WORST DRESS MALE : Nicholas Teo


There had got to be a better way to show the world that you were planning to the 7th member of the Pussy Cat Dolls. We think he looks like a skunk!