March 5, 2008

Invitation to soft launch of

Hi lovely readers of SD's blog,

We know the wait has been painfully loooong,
And you've been all anxious to see what's in stall for you...

Style Damsel

The site is not official yet,
but we are inviting all our loyal readers (and THAT'S YOU!) to have a sneak peak into our website.
(Exclusive to to readers of only)

For early bird's, you get 10%-off all bags!

Yes, that's ...

SD Bags
(Click image for direct link)

And what's more, purchases over $250 will garner you free delivery right to your doorsteps!
So get your friends to pool in your buys to receive this privilege offer we got exclusively for SD's blog readers only.

All our products are designed and crafted from scratch with lots of care and consideration, drawing attention to little details that play a major role in the overall look of the garment. (read more...)

(Our alternate views function is not up yet, so if something catches your eyes, and if you really want to know more, please drop an email to

And since our merchandise are very limited in stock, you will be the FIRST to view and buy them without haggling with other fashionistas! (You never know when will they be sold out!)

We also cater a section call Style Guni for other aspiring designers to plough their stuff with us to put on sale, as well as an online thirft stall if you really love being a Style Damsel but have very tight money constraints. (Click here for more information)

Register with us to receive other exclusive deals and promotions we cater ONLY to members!

So hurrrrrrry Down to Style Damsel today!

[The site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, at 1280 x 800 resolution]


Anonymous said...


that blue frill dress is a must buy! il purchase soon!!!!

styledamsel said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the support!
Do purchase it soon, because it seems to be one of the hot favourites among our shoppers!

ps: dun forget to register with us to receive latest news and promotions!

Lotsa Love,

Style Damsel