January 19, 2008

StyleDamsel - We've got hot bags too!

In case dresses aren't your flavour, we've got hot bags too - rich, exquisite, hand crafted, and comes in limited editions!


Janice said...

They look so lovely!
When's your launch? I can't wait to buy...are those embroidered?!


styledamsel said...

Dear Janice,

Why, thank you! You've got brilliant taste! Well, we're still very busy with the setting up of (online) shop, and the painstaking embroidery as well as sewing - but these means... yes, its embroided!

We see that we'll be launched in late Feb 2008 - so, remember to mark this on your calendar.

And ooh if you've got friends with equally hot tastes, be sure to share this with them!

Lotsa Love,