January 27, 2008

2xist - something for men

2-xist is finally here in Singapore!

Yes, the same label that Janice fuckinson rave about on her reality TV. How they are her biggest clientele and explicitly force her male models to be scantily clad at one of their launch parties.

We will not deny that JP Calderon (who cares if he's gay) and Brian Kehoe's the cuttie!

The issue that he confesses; taken at a pool with great directions from Janice

Local men can stop sobbing about being neglected in the lingerie wardrobe.

Launched last Friday, you can find the men's underwear brand from New York in retail mall CK Tang's men's section.

Source: www.2xist.com


Anonymous said...

Where can I get (2)xist items in Singapore?

styledamsel said...

Hi there,

You can get them from Tangs, menwear section.
We believe that newurbanmale might also stock some of the brand's undies.

Men's Clothing said...

Can you get these items in England?